Aaram Baagh - Udaipur

Resort in the lap of nature

Explore the natural paradise

The natural epitome of peace and tranquility with hospitality redefined, taking the guests into the lap of the mother nature situated on the outskirts of the city.

“Aaram” meaning relaxation and “Baagh” meaning garden in English , fuse together to become a niche example of a luxurious green escapade with a natural waterfall in the outskirts of the “ Lake City “. Owned by the royal family of Pachar , Aaram baagh’s concept is inspired by the erstwhile Maharajas and Maharanis resting formula midst the outskirts of the town. With this backdrop Pachar family has come up with Aaram baagh in the outskirts of the beautiful lake city .

Aaram Baagh , Udaipur is based on the ancient theme where rooms are designed in such a way that the decor matches the culture and history of Vedic India.

Aaram Baagh located in the Aravali Valley, 20kms from the city on Nh-8 highway is blissfully tranquil , composed of 14 villas and Badal mahal of 30 suites midst the lush green mountains. Nestled among the trees and mountains Aaram Baagh , Udaipur is the epitome of peace and the offers an experience in the lap of Mother Nature

The resort has a spa and a restaurant but the most eye-opening experience comes from the natural waterfall and water springs in the part of the surroundings , amidst the green mountains which is the epitome of tranquility and peace.

The long walk between the suites and the waterfall makes the guest connect with the nature and hills by offering the view of the beautiful gardens on both the sides . The resort is really rich in the flora and offers the guest to engage in the natural beauty by offering walks in the beautiful Palm , Amla and Mango Garden

Sitting down the river are a great way to see the area’s wildlife. This is especially the case at night, during a moonlit ride over the glimmering water, when the forests species come to life, including birds .

Surrounding this resort threaded through by rivers, waterfalls and miles of hiking trails, visitors are taken out out on treks into the forest and also dining along the river under the beautiful stars is offered for the guests.