Company Profile

"Yatto Dharma Stato Jai", which means that "True victory always follows if you are on the right path of Dharma" is the business philosophy and motto of the Pachar Group. Keeping this principle in practice the erstwhile royal family of Pachar commence operations in the year 1982.

With a philosophy of that the true victory always follows, if you are on the right path of Dharma, Pachar Group entered into the real estate business that "we build trust" that represents responsibility, purpose, faith and greater collective satisfaction to achieve the common goals. Our symbol and philosophy speaks about our devotion and commitment towards the development of the Nation and betterment of our valued customer.

Pachar Group now enjoys a remarkable presence in Rajasthan having made its position as one of the leading and largest companies in the Real Estate industry today spanning with projects all over the Rajasthan.

The group is also involved in building Infrastructure projects such as Dams, canals and schools.

The Pachar Groups operations are presently in Rajasthan, which is culturally distinct from the rest of the India with a belief to meet the needs of current customers and be responsible to enhance the submissions to meet the future requirement and demands in real time.

Our Story

Pachar Group was established in 1982 at Rajkot, Gujarat. We started at a very small scale with a project for six houses.We were confident about our work and expanded it in Rajkot, Ahmedabad and Baroda.

In 1987, we got struck because of water scarcity in Rajkot. One had to show a ration-card to get water according to number of people in the family. We had no other choice but to stop construction there.

Till 1998, there were only 5 to 10 entities who were in this industry, the reason being the strict rules of the government and construction policies. In 1998, a little boom came in the industry, which attracted new entries. Our first property was on Hawa Sadak called G.S. Apartment, a multi-storey building. On getting an optimistic response from the consumers, this group undertook many such conceptual buildings including Malviya apartments, Tirthraj apartments, Shubham apartments, Prabhuraj apartments and Mall 21 Shopping Complex.

Our current projects are running in Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Kota. In Jodhpur, we have a complex and multiplex. In Udaipur, we are planning to build villas, golf course and hotel. In Kota, we are planning residential apartments. One of the projects design in Kota is based on the city of Venice, its concept being that it will be floating on water. The base is of a lotus, and the property will be spread around that. We are building this close to a canal.